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    Photography . Creative . Consulting

  • About Us

    Over 20 years of proven Marketing Success and Creative Outdoor Imagery

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    Drew H. Butterwick


    Solid and effective marketing, starts with a well-planned strategy; It builds off high quality and impactful imagery and ends with crisp and concise messages and product showcasing.


    I've spent more time outdoors than indoors, in the past 25 years. The Outdoor marketplace is where I call my professional home. Hundreds of thousands of photographic frames have been captured at my hand. I've spent the time in the video editing suite, drawing logo options and touching up photographs. I've travelled to over 30 countries, seeing first hand how best to excel in this industry. I've chased the sunsets, slumbered with the bears and climbed with the goats. Although I always do my research, the majority of my experience is very hands on.


    I believe it is both the experience and understanding which allows us to create such a cohesive and original force, for each individual client. We can plainly see the forest, even when we're in amongst the tallest trees.

  • Photography

    High Quality, Professional and Creative Images

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    Ranch & Real Estate

    Indoor, Outdoor, Wildlife & Drone

    You're trying to market your property. It starts with high quality imagery. We take our time to provide necessary shots which will ultimately portray the quality, serenity, size, tranquility, view and amenities of each unique home or ranch. We have a myriad of lenses, HD video cameras and drone capabilities for still and video.

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    Images for Your Marketing Needs

    Looking for a specific shot for your tradeshow booth, print materials, magazine ads or your website. We have a vast library of our copyright photos at your disposal. We also have the ability to take a custom, hard-to-get shot, which you need for your individual marketing campaign.

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    People Utilizing Products or Enjoying Your Activities

    It's one thing to take a static product shot, with a white background. It's yet another to capture that one shot that evokes a "want to purchase" from a buyer.

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    Studio, Catalog and Outdoor

    Feature your products with studio cyc, in use feature or outdoor field photography. Somethings show better alone and others need to be in action.

  • Creative

    Print and Video Solutions

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    Print Materials

    Catalogs, Brochures & Flyers

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    Design, Backdrops and Collateral Materials

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    Magazine Ads

    From Full Spread Color to unique B&W impact Ads

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    Drone, HD Video, DSLR Photography

    and Digital Editing

  • Consulting

    Let our Experience be your Guide

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    Marketing Campaign

    A Comprehensive Plan

    We can simple provide imagery and daily photo shoot capabilities ... Or ... We can create a complete campaign and organize a strategy which includes all the steps, information, materials and advertising tools to boost your business.

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    Budgeting & Projections

    Plan your Work, Work your Plan

    We have worked with hundreds of clients in the outdoor industry. We can assist in creating realistic budgets and formulate calculated projections for results on a specific project or an entire marketing campaign.

  • Contact Us

    Send us a quick Email - feel free to Call us - OR checkout the Limited Edition Wildlife Prints for Sale

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